Become a Delegate

The aim of this workshop is to prepare the student delegation for representing the actual political interests of a specific country in the various UN committees (e.g. Security Council, WHO, UNHCR). In these committees, students will debate according to the UN Rules of Procedure. Students will also have the opportunity to enhance their speech and presentation skills. Since preparation for the trip will be organized by students, regular and active participation is expected. Students must be prepared to participate in organizing, planning and fundraising for the trip. As the number of delegates attending the conference is limited, the workshop will be restricted to 20-22 participants.

The workshop will be held in English to prepare for committee sessions at the conference; therefore good English skills are required. Please note that the workshop includes block sessions on weekends and at least two compulsory attendances of local Model United Nations event, namely the Hohenheim Castle Model United Nations 2011 (in early January 2013) and the Tübingen Model United Nations 2012 (8th February 2013) which will also be organized by the student delegation. The workshop further includes a voluntary ‘field trip' to Geneva in order to visit a number of UN organizations.

Important: Usually, participation in the Model UN workshop is tied to prior participation in the seminar "United Nations System: Politics and Policies" taught by Prof. Dr. Andreas Hasenclever in the summer term 2012. However, you can still participate in the workshop if you were not part of the seminar. In this case, you will, though, be expected to attend a weekend workshop on the structure of the UN system and the most important problems it is dealing with later in the semester.

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